Beginners must know all the basic concepts of online fundamentals before you start any kind of affiliate program, otherwise you can be deceived, spend time online, waste your time completely and finally have no money in our hands.


What Is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate Program, Affiliate Network? To Earn Some Extra Money With Affiliate Partner Programs. Affiliate Program, Affiliate Network and Affiliate Marketing all are they having same role in Online.


It’s a kind of relation between company, partners, and un known customers in online.

Trusted Company + Reliable Partners + Trustworthy Customers = Profit  and Benefit (Results ,they all 3 parties will get worth).

Affiliate Program + Network + Marketing = same result (same sense).

Selling, Buying, referring, commission, Advertising, products sales and services.

3 parties are always get their benefits, if they keep their roles in truth way.

get commission from Affiliate marketing

1) A person who partnered with company

Affiliate: a person, a Partner, a Publisher, salesperson, seller (company’s products only but not own products) and user.

3) A person who willing to buy at discount and sell at profit (Buy & Sell) Buy-sales.

A person, reseller, seller, retailer, vender, merchant, advertiser, advocate, trader and dealer.

The role of companyPartner and customer

The company provides Banners (Banner Ads links) and Text links (Referral links) to partner.

The partner who shares company’s product or service with people (Customer).

When a customer who (visitor) likes to buy or wants to purchase company’s product or service through either Banner ads or Text link (referral link).

Then only that time some commission will be paid to partner.

If a visitor bought a product or service through partner’s referral text link (referral commission).

At the time partner get paid some commission (money).

All affiliate marketing & advertising partner programs main focused on

Make trusted relation between company with partners and customers.

Increasing (gain) Company’s profit by partners, publisher and advertisers through Banner ads, Text links.

-Products, service and signups commission to publisher, partner.

-Some earned profit percentage % gives as commission to partner.

Some Percentage % commission paid to partner when referred a service or product to new customer (visitor).

Increasing profit

To give benefits for partners.

To provide trusted service benefits for customers or visitors.

The company who gives offers/ allows affiliate programs to their publisher.

To gain their income by advertising (Affiliate Tools).

Banners, product Banners, Banner ads links referral text links and ads serving links. These links have some cost for displaying ads (cost of ad) (advertisement).

(In websites, blogs)

They have different names to identify what type of Ad Network is provided.

Means cost per thousand Impressions or Cost per Thousand Views (1000 Views)

-Pay per Mille (PPM) [ Pay per 1000 Views ]

-Pay per Impression (PPI)

-Cost per Impression (CPI)

-Cost per Thousand (PPT/CPM)

-Pay per Sale (PPS)
-Revenue Share (RevShare) (Profit share with partner)
-Effective Cost per Mille (eCPM)
-Effective Cost per Action/Acquisition (eCPA)

-Cost per lead (CPL)

-Pay per Acquisition (PPA)

-Cost per Acquisition (CPA)

IV) Pay per Install

-Cost per Install

-Pay per Download (PPD)

-Click Through Rate (CTR)

-Conversion Rate (CR)

Company pays you some money as commission when your earns ready to withdraw.

Net-7,  Net-10,  Net-15,  Net-25, Net-30, Net-60

Net-30 means

Net= net payment

30 days (payment will be paid within 30 days) when service is completed within 30 days.

When a product it’s purchased time period is completed within 30 days.

Full payment will be paid after 30 days  on 1st  or 7th or 15th of the following month.

Bi-weekly (two times a week) every two weeks.

The company chosen to set a day either Thursday or Friday or Wednesday.

Bi-monthly (two times a month) on 15th and 30th


The company sets its payment limits to pay each partner when earning meets their limits.

Minimum payouts: $2 ,  $50 , $100,  $300 and any as the company’s decision.

Payment Options


Wire/Bank Transfers




By cheque,

Prepaid MasterCard


Firstchoice Pay

ACH (Direct Deposit)


How To Make Money with Affiliate Programs?

Making (earning) money from online is not so easy and not difficult. You can make it easy 100% but, if you have well at clear vision. What do you want for it?

Affiliate Programs, Affiliate Marketing and Affiliate Network

Simple way to understand affiliate.

For example.

Take a person who wants to earn money from online (by Affiliate programs)

-A person joins in trusted online company or website who offers affiliate program.

-Then that person becomes an affiliate partner, publisher, an affiliate, and partner in that company.

- Company provides products or services (links & Banners system) to publish in online.

- person work is just share (publish) company’s products, services with other people in online through person’s           website or blog. That person should have website or blog to embed affiliate links and banners in it.

- When a visitor likes product (or service) then click on affiliate link or banner.

-If visitor buys a product (service) through person’s link then only get paid commission (money).

That is an affiliate program how it works.

Some Basic Key Points:

Affiliate programs are categorized in to two types. They are.

Earn Money Without websites or Blogs (Must have Social Media). User can join in any kind of affiliate program without having own blog or website, but should have social media like Facebook twitter .etc. with more followers.

Type 2: Affiliate


With a website or a Blog (And social media as well). Website or blog required.

A person can join only in affiliate program if have a website or blog and social media as well.

User must have given below requirements.

1. Gmail Account (Email A/c).

2.Social Media like Facebook twitter .etc. with more Followers.

3.A Website or a Blog

4.Bank A/c

5.Tax pay Number

We should have one or two of them  Payments Receiving Options:

PayPal, Moneybookers (Skrill), Net Banking, Wire/Bank Transfers, Paper Cheque, payoneer

Most preferred option for PayPal.


It is for informational and education purposes only.

There are many affiliate programs available online, Duplicate, fake, fraud and cheating, don’t be cheated. if you want to get income from affiliate programs then choose trusted one, you can find them by reading their reviews by searching on Google. Read truthful reviews and then only join otherwise , time waste.

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